Experts know: Secrets of stylists that are worth trying out.

Even the smallest detail can be culprits why your outfit does not leave the impression you want, here’s what to look out for!

Fashion is unique, personal and different for each of us.

In fashion there are no universal rules, the decision is not the frame. Always wear what you feel is the most beautiful and best, invincible and special. But certainly it is surely not bad to learn a few tips from fashion experts because less really is more, little things have always been very important.


Everyone has their height of the heels – Greater height heels, visually slimmer figure! But that does not mean you need to wear six-inch high heels in which you can barely walk. Find the perfect heel for yourself – where you look slimmer, but which will not force you to torture yourself while walking.

Achieve the perfect shape – Make sure that clothes give you that beautiful body shape. Women who have broad shoulders are good with shirts with a deep V-neckline. What is cut deeper, shoulders will look narrower.

Conceal defects – If you are insecure about your legs, do not attract attention wearing bright shorts or mini-skirts. Choose midi or maxi skirts, and if you do not want to highlight the belly, do not wear tight shirts.

Learn to use fashion accessories – Fashion Accessories such as scarves and jewelry can give freshness and uniqueness of each combination, but most women will not wear them because they fear of how to combine them. Do not be afraid, fashion accessories are there to make every outfit perfect!


Shop at the end of the season – Ordinary black shirt is always in, just like the classic black trousers and sweaters – put your money on such pieces when there are seasonal discounts!

Follow trends to some extent – Do not blindly follow fashion. If your clothing that is trendy does not fit or is not appropriate to your age, just forget it. Do not save at key pieces, invest in black trousers, white shirt and black skirt. Given the fact that some basic pieces of clothing can look great in a variety of circumstances, it is important that own and have those available for your outfits.


Choose the right size – Many women buy a size too big clothes and hope that they manage to hide their insecurities, but actually it is only an additional highlight. Buy clothes in their real size!