MAC ‘s latest foundation is a game changer

You know how we all want to have that flawless complexion and look natural, but mother nature has not been good with all of us. Well, MAC Cosmetics understands our problem and has come with a solution: it recently released a new foundation, which is named “Next to Nothing” and it is said to give makeup fans that no makeup-makeup look.


This world famous beauty brand is supposedly using new formulas which all contain nourishing ingredients along with opalescent microspheres which are also light reflecting. That sound really cool! In addition, the ingredients used to create the “Next to Nothing” foundation have hydrating properties. This means that the new foundation formula makes it possible for it to be used both as a primer and as foundation.

If you are a fan of MAC Cosmetic’s famous foundation, Studio Fix, but at times you find it to be a bit to heavy, then “Next to Nothing” might just be what you are looking for as it promises both great coverage and the fact that it feels light on the skin.


Besides the “Next to Nothing” foundation, MAC Cosmetics is launching a set of pressed powders that can be applied to set the foundation. These powders are used to eliminate oil and the added bonus is the fact that they are lightweight. Forget that shiny face after a few hours in the sun, this might just become your next holy grail.

As for the price of these two products, the foundation retails for $31 and the powders $27. They are available both online and in stores. If one thing is certain, we definitely want to try out to see if these products really live up to their expectations and hopefully they will as MAC Cosmetics has not really disappointed us lately.