10 Quick Pointers To Achieve Personal Growth in Life

When life gives you lemons, make lemonade with them”

Have you ever come across this proverbial phrase in life?

I’m sure you must have. It basically is a saying that is generally used to encourage optimism and the necessity of being able to meet adversities with a positive “can beat this” attitude in life.
Now even though, this is something that people all over the world, be it friends, or relatives or parents or even motivational speakers, emphasize on and encourage doing, the reality is that it is not that easy to do.

When you are faced with huge setbacks in life, say for example, when you’ve lost a loved one, or when you’ve lost your career etc. you can’t help but sulk over it. You may take days, weeks or even months to get over it. Some may even take years.
But it is better to actually give yourself that time and let yourself get over things slowly taking baby steps at a time.

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Once you’ve given yourself that time, you will be able to feel a certain closure. You will know that when you are able to talk about your misfortune without actually breaking down literally or otherwise.
That is when you can actually start trying to practice the proverbial phrase and start making the lemonade with the lemons that you have been nurturing over the sulking phase. That is when you can try and put those things into practice and achieve personal growth, both mentally and physically.
There are many other things in life, just like the misfortunes, that can hinder your personal growth. And that can include negative thoughts, negative and toxic people etc.
You need to practice certain things that can help you overcome such issues in life and accomplish personal growth.

Here are 10 things that you should always remember, if you want to get over these issues, whatever they may be:

  1. Learn from failure stories and not just success stories, whether they are yours or anybody else’s
  2. Focus on your vision and dream and chase it no matter what.

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  3. Be confident at all times. If you can’t, then at least act confident until you are. As they say fake it till you make it.
  4. Never stop loving yourself and taking care of yourself
  5. Do what you feel is right and stop following the crowd.
  6. Ask questions until you are clear. Develop an intuitive mind.
  7. Learn new things, by teaching others and spreading the knowledge
  8. Always be punctual. No matter how you feel, get up dress up and show up.
  9. Meet new people, listen to others, observe and learn.
  10. Always give your 100% at whatever you do. While you are working, use your smartphone only to make important calls.

These are all practical things that can help you stay focused on improving your own life. Don’t forget these and you will see changes in a few months.

Image source: http://www.drchristinahibbert.com/personal-growth-and-self-actualization/