Kanye West : First Jewelry collection dedicated to his wife from a past life?!

After years of drama and controversy that he caused to the fashion world, rapper and designer has finally found a recipe for subtlety in his first collection of jewelry. However, despite his efforts, even that did not go smoothly, thanks to the interesting statement that he decided to use as a description.


The line of gold jewelry was designed in collaboration with designer Jacob Arabia, and was inspired by the Florentine art from the 14th century. The collection of 12 pieces includes: necklaces with pendants, rings with descriptions and simple bracelets.


It is a 18-karat gold, on the pendants the motif of the Virgin Mary is dominating, followed by other religious figures. Prices for his jewelry range from 1530 to 13,360 US dollars, which is very convenient for his first luxury jewelry collection.


Kanye West his own line of jewelry described as a timeless display of affection for Vogue magazine, and called it ‘a letter to my wife from a past life that can live next to our lives.’ Because of his statement again, many were surprised, but it is incomparable with the controversies he previously prepared just to provoke.


Although jewelry is dedicated to ‘a woman from a past life’ his wife from the present life – Kim Kardashian West wears the collection for months: first it was presented last August at the MTV Video Music Awards VMA, and at the Paris Fashion Week in October last year.