New Primark Collection – Boho Queen of the beach!

The new Primark collection intended for 2017. contains everything that is necessary for the beach – swimsuits, bikinis, kaftan and all fashion accessories which go to the beach. In addition to being extremely stylized – they are created in boho mood.

luksuz-fashion-ma-primark-01 (2).jpg

The new collection of clothes for the beach is inspired by the 70’s and 90’s of the last century, and there is a multitude of models that can be combined to get your ideal style combination. Strong colors with summer motifs, such as watermelons and floral prints are the details that you need to own, and certainly you will be noticed in them on the beach.

luksuz-fashion-ma-primark-01 (3).jpg

Although the collection is inspired by different eras such as the 70’s and 90’s, it is excellently combined because it ‘takes’ things of two decades of what is best – the glamour of the seventies and mighty attitude of woman in nineties. This mix of different styles, is especially visible on caftans with puffy sleeves or shorts. When we talk about swimsuits, we believe one will appeal to the young ladies, and that’s one-piece swimsuit in pink color with the word ‘mermaid life’.

luksuz-fashion-ma-primark-01 (4).jpg

If you search the social network, especially Instagram, you will realize that this is the image that most often occurs. In the collection you can also find metallic glasses and big tote bags for the beach with palm trees and motives of the pineapple. You will not only feel like a mermaid, but as a true boho queen of 2017.