3 Errors with which you sabotage your own happiness!

We all want to be happy and to do this we have to get rid of some of the things from our everyday behaviors that do not contribute to our well-being to a happier life. We bring you three possible errors with which you sabotage your own happiness.


  1. Delaying – washing the dishes or writing e-mails may not seem extremely important, but every time you don’t finish a task that you felt like you should complete, there comes to certain stimuli that can cause stress. Of course you are not in any danger because delaying to wash your dishes, but the body is sometimes not even aware of that and your body then responds as if you are anxious.woman-washing-dishes.jpg
  2. Negative talking with yourself – Talking to yourself is like a barometer, telling you how healthy you are on an emotional level. If you have low self-esteem, the more likely it is that you have created internal criticism to yourself. Most people do not even recognize such negativism until it gets out of control. Focusing on critical thinking is not healthy, so be aware of what is going on in your head and that you can influence it by positive changes.Relaxation_techniques.jpeg
  3. You never give the peace to your mind – Our minds contain an inordinate amount of information and are a very powerful tool. But if you give it too many tasks to perform, then inner peace ceases to function. Thinking about too many things at once creates a feeling of anxiety. Overloading can cause thoughts and physical symptoms such as rapid heartbeat or shortness of breath. To avoid such stress, take a few moments to collect your thoughts and relax the mind.