How do you imagine the most expensive home in San Francisco?

This house costs a whopping $ 40 million and is surely worth it all. Although this house in San Francisco originally costed ‘only’ $ 7.8 million in 2009, after an extensive renovation, the price amazingly increased.

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Beautiful ultra luxury house is located in the most prestigious district of Gold Coast, which is also called Billionaire’s Row. The house has seven bedrooms, eight bathrooms, three fireplaces, and a fantastic terrace with a beautiful view of the bay. Ultra glamorous home possesses super-equipped kitchen with two additional smaller kitchens, a gym, a massage room, mini spa, even two wine shops, as well as lift through which you go to the roof, where there is a terrace with another kitchen for parties and enjoying time with family and friends outdoors.

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This house has the similarity with the house of Christian Gray – it is a bar in the windows that stretch from floor to ceiling, so the future owners are guaranteed a spectacular view. Thanks to a special type of smoked glass that provides you with privacy, this house has the added value and because of the glass is 4-5 times more expensive than standard. The house is really equipped with the latest technology, modern and ideal for luxury living.