Wonder Woman makeup is happening

Superhero makeup has becoming a thing, and for us women, one empowering character, who is also a woman is someone we all look up to. We are talking about Wonder Woman, a heroine we all want to become, or at least borrow some of her powers. Unfortunately, this is not possible. However, Luxie Beauty is getting our hopes up, because the Internet famous beauty brand has announced its intention of launching a makeup collection, which is inspired by our favorite heroine.

Even though for the time being we have not so many details about this future collection, we are already excited for it to be out. To be honest, the fact that there is a lack of information regarding this collection, makes us even more anxious about its release.

The beauty brand gave us a sneak preview at its intention to launch a Wonder Woman inspired makeup collection by posting a shot of a circular compact on its Instagram account. In the image you could see the “WW” logo on the top and that is what really got us excited.

If there is one thing that we know for sure, is that the collection is “Coming Soon”. In addition, the beauty brand tweeted about its intention, adding the hashtag #ComicCon. Maybe this is where we will be able to see the products firsthand. Who knows? I guess we will have to attend the event to find out.

Even though there are already some makeup and beauty products on the market inspired by our favorite heroine, we still want more. I guess that Luxie Beauty is just responding to the public demand, or maybe it is because a movie about Wonder Woman is coming out this year? Maybe both.