ColourPop launches a new lip formula

It seems like ColourPop never ceases to impress us with its latest releases. We are already in love with its colorful summer collection and are anxious to go to a beach party and try out our new looks. The brand announced a major product launch on its social media account. Fans of ColourPop Cosmetics already know that it is time to get excited because there will be new products to try out.

ColourPop Cosmetics has decided to create a new type of lipstick formula for the Ultra Blotted Lip. Even though some of you might already be familiar with its older formula, the great news is that along with this change the brand will launch eight new shades of the Ultra Blotted Lip. Wow! Eight more reasons to be exited about.

So what exactly is so special about this new lip formula? Well, the latest Ultra Blotted Lip product is super matte, comfortable, transfer proof and also resists on your lips for a longer time than the Blotted Lip. In addition, the Ultra Blotted Lip is buildable and even though matte formulas are usually drying, to our surprise, this one also acts as a moisturizer for the lips.

If you are wondering when this new and improved lip formula will be available, then it means that you are not a true fan of the company. The product from ColourPop Cosmetics was launched last month and if you had not yet had the chance to try it out, you definitely should. If you do or already have tried the new formula, leave us a comment telling us about your experience with it. If you have a favorite shade, which one would you recommend us?