How to do your make up for the summer!

If you do not want to look like a clown in a short time, be sure to read these tips. The hot summer days are upon us, and, if you believe the forecasters, this will be a very hot summer. For lovers of makeup it will be the days of temptation, because the makeup has a tendency to dissolve from the face. In the warm summer days it is recommended to use as less various types of powders, eyeshadows and blushes to the skin as possible so it could breathe normally.

Mattifying base powder


If you want to skip the application of the base powder, for summer days make sure you choose the one which is based on water, not oil, and that gives matt and not glossy effect. Good base powder will prevent melting of makeup from the face, and will not clog pores.

BB Cream

Instead of base powders you can choose BB cream that is much lighter for the face, and you will not have the feeling like you are wearing a mask that dissolved. For BB cream it goes the same – some have mattifying effect.

Mineral Powder


Mineral Powder is great for the summer months because they are easy for your face, do not clog pores and can be applied or on the base powder or directly on the face, depending on preferences. Mineral powder prevents excessive shine on your face.

Eye shadow and mascara

In addition to powders at high temperatures your eye shadow and mascara will be melting too, if not waterproof. If you are prone to sweating, be sure that during the summer months you use waterproof mascara, otherwise you will quickly look like a raccoon. If you think your shadow is necessary regardless of the temperature, forget the dark shades and shades based on oils.

Waterproof eyeliner


Pencil can also be very easy to melt at high temperatures and create lumps or stains. If necessary, it can be used for shading, or to smear on the eyelid, which will give a slight effect of ‘smokey eyes’, and the possibility of melting and clumping will be much smaller.

Concealer in a thin layer

Correctors themselves are creamy and heavy for the face, especially during hot weather. If you cannot go without them because you need to hide certain flaws on your face, use it in places where it is really necessary, and only in a thin layer. For its application to use the brush for concealer, which will allow better control of the area and the amount of concealer to apply. Note that on heat he can leave dissolved spots on the face. Do not let this happen.