New: Miss Dior Prestige Edition

Name Dior has always been presented on the amazing products. From ready-to-wear pieces and leather products, to modern accessories, jewelery and perfumes – just what is needed to carry the signature of the best brand.


The last example of excellence of this famous French brand is Miss Dior Prestige Edition, limited edition of the famous perfume of the brand, which was introduced 70 years ago. The famous Miss Dior fragrance now received its homage like limited edition of only 47 pieces of the new perfume, decorated with spectacular embroidery thanks to the famous masters of Dior atelier.


This perfume will immediately strike the eye, because the bow reveals the motives of lilies and mimosa, while pink, black and cream shades embellished satin ribbon with two faces. These luxurious details require a whole day to produce, while making bows lasts more than six hours.


Hundreds of glittering painted beads were used, in addition to Poux Jais micro tubes in order to create this fascinating pattern of waves.

In contrast to all that, Etincelles Vieux Rose and small Porcelaine Rose sequins are located right next to Rose Antique lochrose beads and Roseline mother-of-pearl beads. This spectacular and expressive bottle embodies the spirit fragrance Miss Dior, which is available only at certain locations, and its price has not yet been made public.