ANCIENT BEAUTY TIPS that can be used today!

Women have always strived beauty – we bring you some beauty tips from ancient times that we use today.


Olive oil

Ancients were called this product ‘gold’, and with a good reason: olive oil is now the basis for many preparations for skin and hair care, creams, shampoos and conditioners.

The baths


Ancient Roman women spent hours and hours in their baths, enjoying small talk, alternating hot and cold water.

Aromatherapy massage

Massage has always been a favorite thing of many lovely ladies, and when they added flavorings and oils, it is a dream coming true.

The fabric instead of peeling

There was no peeling and because of that, women used fabric certain textures to remove dead skin cells.

Hair removal with sugar paste


Favorite among women in ancient times. No one knows who is to occur to use sugar as a means of hair removal, but women love it today because it achieves long-term results.

Masks of honey

Honey also has a number of qualities for beauty that are already known for millennia. Anti-cellulite massage, for example, it is very easy to do: apply a little honey on the problem area, pressing your palm, and then stand back and repeat the process.

Henna and basma

Women have used henna and basma in different ratios to make their hair strong, healthy, and to preserve the color.

Egg masks 


There are a lot of recipes, but the essence is the same: the mask of egg makes hair shiny and strong every time.

Cabbage leaves

This trick has been used by breastfeeding mothers for hundreds of years. Properties of cabbage operate mitigating pain and inflammation.

Sour Cream

This trick was discovered by accident when somebody put their hands in a bowl with cream and found that their hands have become soft. If you have the cream, you should not hesitate to use it every day.

Lemon juice


If henna and basma make hair red and dark, lemon juice will lighten it.


Clay is essential for any lady. Radiant skin, yak hair, cellulite free. Clay is a miracle since ancient times.