Favorite shade of your lipstick reveals a lot about your character!

Style of dressing says a lot about a person, the makeup can tell a lot about the character as well. But did you know that you and your favorite shade of lipstick, which you use most often can be characterized? These are the characteristics of a certain lipstick shades:


Pink lipstick shade is most common among women in high positions. Studies have shown that women who work in high positions usually wear pink shades of lipstick on their lips. Pink lipstick shade reveals an open and sociable person, who is very successful in the business. Men love pink lipstick on women, and usually they think they are sensitive and romantic. If by any chance you do not know what shade of lipstick to choose for an important event, you do not have to think too much but put on pink lipstick and smile.


Nude lipsticks show neutrality. People who prefer to wear nude lipstick are often open and social. Such people like music and socializing with friends and family. Nude lipstick is an excellent choice for daily make-up and for the evening.


Red lipstick suits every woman, and is manufactured in a million shades. If you have not used it yet, it is definitely about time. Red lipstick is usually worn by women who like action and go out and do not like static and boredom. With women who wear red lipstick you will never get bored, and if you want to put a red lipstick on, but do not dare, do not worry because every skin tone fits red lipstick, you just need to know how to wear it.


Purple lipstick usually gives an confident look, but women who use it are usually very gentle and romantic, and they usually do not go for wild nights out. The purple color is not an ordinary color, and if you choose it for a night out, keep in mind that you will often have to fix your lips.