New bags and a full line of accessories by Chanel!

As always, Chanel brand all those who love fashion leads to ecstasy with the help of its new design. 


A beautiful bag called Chanel Gabrielle, which is already ‘it’ bag of the season. To be honest, this time change is not only one bag, but full line of accessories, which is based on the super chic design, including tote bag, backpack and more. However, the main piece of the collection is Gabrielle bag that is offered in three sizes, and so it can be the perfect companion on any occasion.

The subtle and functional, this bag is a little different compared to what we are used to when change comes, but we just can not ignore her appeal. It will be available in several neutral shades during the first season, including white, beige, navy and black.


The smallest version of this model will cost 3200 US dollars, while the model decorated with leather python costs up to $ 4,200. The cheapest option of this new line is Gabrielle backpack that costs $ 3,000 while a medium size bag costs 3,600 US dollars. For larger model bags you will have to pay exactly 4,000 US dollars. The face of the campaign was Cara Delevingne, who posed for Karl Lagerfeld, with skateboard in hand. In addition, she is the star of animated film directed Sisi Yamazaki.