Helix tattoos are the latest trend

It seems like most of us have at least once lost an earring or two, which is quite annoying. Also, sleeping with our earrings on might result a bit uncomfortable. Another thing that annoys most of us about earrings is when we forget them. Somehow, without them, our outfit seems incomplete. Well, it is time to forget about ear piercings, because there is a new beauty trend in town.

Tattoo by Kyle @kvberg

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Most of us got our ears pierced when we were little, while others took this step later in life and it resulted in being a bit painful. Ear piercings seem fun at first and we are excited about changing earrings often. However, there comes a time when we get bored of selecting our ear accessory for the day and we soon decide to not wear earrings at all.

No matter how old we get, it seems that we always want something that embellishes our ears. Well, there is some great news: earrings might become something of the past as helix tattoos are the new trend. You know how people would get that behind the ear tattoo, tiny, hidden and unique? Well, this trend has evolved and the ink is taken to the next level, or at least in plain sight.

The new tattoo trend takes floral designs and minimalistic ones as well to the helix of the ear. Whether the design is a simple leaf, a flower, an imitation of an actual piercing or something minimalistic, these tattoos look amazing.

👂🏻Ear tattoo🌿

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The added bonus is that you can still get back to wearing your earrings whenever you want and still look pretty. I don’t know about you guys, but I am seriously thinking about getting a temporary tattoo to see if I like it and why not, maybe go all the way in the future.