MAC’s Fruity Juicy Collection gives us a fast forward to Summer

MAC Cosmetics is one of the most popular makeup brands. We all have at least one MAC lipstick or if not, have it on our wishlist. As for the limited edition collections, those who have managed to get their hands on them now hold on to the packaging even though the product might be empty, because they look amazing. Of course, they are also collectibles in the MAC enthusiasts community.

I guess its time to start your MAC limited edition collection or complete your existing one with products from the Summer collection, Fruity Juicy. These beauty products make us think about summer and just by looking at them we can imagine ourselves laying on the beach and getting that long waited for tan. Somehow, summer feels closer just by looking at the products so just think about actually getting our hands on them.

MAC’s latest collection is inspired by the tropics and the products have a beautiful packaging, decorated with colorful drawings of fruits and flowers that have us already imagining ourselves on a getaway, just by looking at them. Our favorite products got a tropical makeover and we are really excited to try out all of the new summery lip colors and eye shadows. As for MAC’s cult favoriteย Prep and Prime spray, it has a new and improved look, not to mention the coconut scent that already transports us to the beach.

While we are counting the days, weeks, and months until summer, we have a new countdown which reaches zero on May 18, when this awesome collection comes out. Until then, all that we have left to do is to start planning our vacation and why not, maybe even start packing our bags. After all, this collection can be packed last, but make sure not to forget it if you want a flawless summer look.