A new Naked Palette has been created and it’s not what we were expecting

Urban Decay has conquered our hearts. I mean, we all love and some of us even have one or all of the Naked Palettes. They are simply one of those types palettes that are great for all skintones and that work both for everyday looks to nighttime ones. So, when we heard that a New Naked Palette was going to be launched, we had a hard time controlling our excitement.

When you hear the words Naked Palette, you immediately think of an eyeshadow palette, right? Well, the thing is that this time, Urban Decay has decided to surprise us by creating something a bit different: a contouring palette, the Urban Decay Naked Skin Shapeshifter Palette, which we are probably going to fall in love with.

This latest contouring palette has already made its online debut and it promises to help us achieve that perfectly sculpted face. Basically, after we try this, we will no longer need to look for a contour kit. Even though we are all already in love with the brand’s renowned eyeshadow palettes, this latest addition to the family is definitely one that we should not miss.

The Urban Decay Naked Skin Shapeshifter Palette is split into two sections. The first one has five creams, perfect for both color correcting the skin and highlighting it. The second section has four powders that can be used for contouring in order to achieve either an everyday look or an evening one. However, what we most like about it, it’s the fact that it is really compact, which means that we can even take it with us on vacation. Awesome!

The only thing that we know now is that we really want to try out the palette. We are waiting for it to be available for purchase and already have it on our wishlists.