Essie’s latest collection is simply TD

Spring is about pastels, about soft colors. If you want to truly be in trend this season, a perfect outfit and a perfect makeup won’t just do the trick if you are not wearing the right nail color. However, there is no need to worry, because Essie’s latest collection, Wild Nudes has got you covered.

We all love Essie’s nail polishes and this latest collection has got us very excited to check it out. Even though the name of the collection is: Wild Nudes, there are some exceptions to this rule: there are two taupe-like colors, which some might not consider to be nudes.

The great news about these new colors is that they go with basically anything. You won’t really have to ask yourself whether you should wear those golden bracelets or try on those silver rings. They also work well with basically any outfit. If however you want to give them a slightly edgier look and take them from daytime to nightime, then you can simply add a coat of glitter and TADA, you have achieved a fancier look.

I guess that it is time to mark our calendars for yet another wonderful release. In May, Essie’s Wild Nudes will be available for purchase and I am already making some space for some of these colors. The dark blue has caught my eye for now. Maybe, who knows? I might just get the whole set and mix them up a bit.

What about you guys? Are you excited about this latest launch? Do you already have a favorite color that you would like to try out? Tell us all in the comment section and do not forget that May is just a few days away so set your alarm, calendar or make a reminder to check Essie’s Wild Nudes collection when it comes out.


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