The lip look that you should be trying to achieve

Nowadays, makeup looks are becoming harder and harder to reproduce. If once our only problem was to try and get that perfect winged eyeliner look, now things are different. Well, not that the perfect fleek is easy to reproduce, but harder things have come. The latest trend is actually a challenge, I am talking about marble lips.

In the last couple of days, Instagram has been flood with tons of pictures of makeup artists attempts at making their lips look like marble. Some of them are going for the classic white and gray marble look, while others are going a step further, opting for more colorful interpretations, using purples and blues.

This latest lip trend might seem difficult to reproduce, however, it is worth the shot. It might even seem easier to make than you can imagine. So, here are the steps. The first thing you have to do is to choose a base color for your lips. After you have applied it, you need to use a fine brush and add random strokes of various colors over it. If it still seems complicated, here is a video that might make things a bit easier.

So, what are you waiting for? It is time to get some brushes, select some colors and start working on your marble lip look. After all, it is worth trying just for fun. Who knows? Maybe you will even succeed. If so, you might use it as your everyday lip look. A work of art on your lips, wouldn’t that simply be amazing?

Leave us a comment down below telling us your opinion about this latest trend. Oh, and if you succeed at achieving this look, then please add pics or at least links to them.