The Face Shop Simpsons Collection is a dream come true

All of us have seen at least one episode of the Simpsons and most of us have fallen in love with the characters of the animated series. It has become so successful that it has been around for more than a decade and somehow we can’t seem to get enough of it. We simply want more. We want to have everything from clothes to makeup and we want it now!

The Face Shop seems to have listened to our wishes and like a genie, has decided to respond to them by creating a Simpson inspired beauty line. Even though, Homer Simspon is not one of the characters that comes in mind when you think of beauty, this collection is definitely one to look out for.

The Face Shop’s Collaboration with the Simpsons offers a varied range of products from sunscreen lotion to sheet masks. The most amazing part about these beauty products is that you can tell that they have something to do with the Simpsons just from the packaging. The combination of yellow and blue reminds us of Margie. Luckily for us these beauty products will not make our skin turn yellow.

Sheet mask enthusiasts, there is some great news for you. The Face Shop is making it possible for you to transform yourself into the beloved characters for a couple of minutes and also be rewarded with a great skin afterwards. Isn’t that great? The sheet masks have the faces of the characters on them and come in three different sizes, the biggest one being Homer and the smallest Maggie.

With the collection currently being available only in the Face Shop stores in Asia, we are anxiously waiting for it to be available in more countries. However, the brand promised to launch the products at Sephora soon.