Balmain X L’Oreal is happening

Balmain is one of the most iconic fashion brands from the luxury line. Many people admire their products, but not everybody gets the chance to have them. This is why, collaborations are a great way of making the brand more accessible. It is what people are waiting for.

I know that you all remember a few years ago, when Balmain made a collaboration with H&M. The clothes sold almost immediately. It was amazing. Even though they were priced way above the usual price range of H&M, the products were below their normal price range at Balmain. People who could not afford Balmain, were extremely excited to get their hands on a Balmain X H&M piece.

Enough about fashion. What does Balmain have to do with beauty? Well, remember how fans of the brand are desperate to get their hands on an item from the famous brand. This is why, there is a new thing to get excited about. Balmain is going to collaborate with L’Oreal to create a limited edition of lippies.

The products will be available for purchase in September, but the wait is definitely worth it. In addition to “normal” lippies, the collection will also have three lippies that are like jewels. This basically means that the lipstick has a case that transforms it into a wearable piece.

It sounds like our dream of having multipurpose makeup is finally coming true. The only thing that we have left to do now is to mark our calendars for September and start the countdown. You know what they say, counting backwards is great because when you reach zero, something big will happen. So keep checking the social media accounts of L’Oreal and maybe new teasers will come out soon.