Release your inner unicorn with these beautiful glitters

What is the shiniest beauty product that you have ever used? No matter your answer, if you have not yet tried the Glitter Injections’ BlindinGlow glitter highlighters, then you will have a pleasant surprise. The shiniest glitter has been found and we have a hard time trying to resist it.

If you have ever wanted to get that perfect unicorn shine, now your dreams have come true. With this latest products from Glitter Injections, your shine can be seen from outer space. Just kidding. However, you never known. We might just have to ask some astronauts to confirm this, right?

Probably by now, you know that this brand is all about glitter, if not from its name, from its catalog. So, let’s talk a bit about these magic glitter highlighters. Well, for a fact they come in marbled cream highlighter pots and you can find them in five different shades. Kind of like collect them all for that extra glow.

The name of he product, BlindinGlow, promises a shine so bright that it leaves the person looking at you blind. Well, fortunately that is not the case. But the highlighters are extremely pigmented and very glittery. The description of the product notes that a little goes a long way, so the best advice is not to go all in at first and keep building up until you get the right amount of shimmer.

As for the price of these products you can get all five pieces for 88$. ย The shades are: gold, pink, green , purple, and blue. If you only need just one, you can get it for 20$. However, it might be a bit hard to stop at just one shade. So, get the shades you need and release your inner unicorn shine because you deserve it.