The latest innovation for self-tanning lovers

If you ever tried tanning at home, using spray tan or any other type of tanning products, you know it can get messy. So messy that the first time you try it, you can even end up looking like a dalmatian, but the Oompa Loompa kind. For this same reason and probably many more, people usually rely on self tanning only for the body and leave the face for foundation.

There is a problem with this practice. When you are not wearing foundation, you look a bit weird with a white face and a tanned body. However, there is some great news for you, the fans of home tanning. St. Tropez has a new product, its Self Tan Express Bronzing Face Sheet Mask, which is said to double as both a hydrating and a tanning mask, priced at only 9$.

As you might already know, Korean sheet masks are a big trend, and this tanning sheet mask is one you might not want to miss. In addition to hydration and a tan, you get to control how dark you want your skin to be. If you want something light, you should leave it for five minutes, if you want something medium for ten minutes, and if you want to be really tanned, fifteen minutes.

With most of the questions about this fantastic innovation answered, there is still one thing that we all want to know: when can we buy it? Fortunately, we will not have to wait too long to try out this tanning sheet mask as it will be available for purchase on starting from May 22. So, I guess it is time to get our body tanning sprays, lotions and other necessary products and get ready to be tanned from head to toe.