A new Tarte palette?

If you have not yet found the perfect contour/ bronzing palette for Summer, then there might just still be hope for you. Tarte cosmetics thinks about its fans and their needs and has decided to create the ideal Summer palette.

We are already familiar with Tarte’s great collections and products and the fact that they are all made using natural ingredients. The Clay Play Face Shaping Palette does not seem to disappoint us and soon you will get to know why.

The palette is equipped with 12 new shades, which can have multiple uses: for contouring your cheeks, for drawing your eyebrows, and of course, as eye shadows. The palette contains nine matte eye shadows, which come both in light and darker shades. This makes the palette perfect for both daytime and nighttime looks.

The Clay Play Face Shaping Palette also comes with three bronzers in a powder form, that are suitable for many different types of skin tones. What a great deal! Oh, and I almost forgot to mention that they are long lasting. Well, if you are familiar with the brand’s products, then you already know this.

Basically, there is one thing left to do: to mark our calendars. What date? May 21st. Oh, and one more thing, the price of the palette is $46, but it is worth it as it has multipurpose shades and bronzers. And one last thing, the main ingredient of the palette is the Amazonian clay, that helps remove surface oil and makes your skin look better. A treatment and a makeup product all in one. It looks like all our dreams have finally come true! All that we have left to do now is to wait to try out the palette.