Are you brave enough to try out this latest hair trend?

We all know that it is a crazy year for hair trends. We’ve basically seen almost everything. I say almost, because of course, there is always something unthinkable that could happen. This is the case of this latest hair trend. So, let’s see if you guess what it is.  When you think of parties, celebrations, you think of cake, champagne, and..? What is that one thing that gets thrown in the air during parties, but not fireworks?

If you’ve guessed confetti, then you should start celebrating, because you were right. This colorful hair trend is definitely unique and worth taking it to your next party or celebration. It was created by the owner of Blondies of Melbourne salon, Karen Lewis. This look screams party and it will definitely get you noticed.

This confetti hair looks like the unicorn hair, but with a twist. This latest trend has something unique, splashes of color here and there. It looks like you came out from painting a room, or a masterpiece. It is like little dots of color have somehow reached your hair. Imagine going to a party and bam! a balloon filled with confetti explodes in front of you and your hair gets filled with confetti. This is what this look is all about.

There is one thing left to think about. Are you brave enough to get the confetti hair look? Are you willing to embrace this trend or are you going for more conservative colors? If you are in the latter group, then after seeing the pics with this latest hair trend, you might even change your mind. It is definitely something unique.