The Natasha Denona Sunset Eyeshadow Palette is playing hard to get

We all know that somehow, no matter how many makeup palettes we have, we simply want to collect them all. It seems like we never have enough. Even if you do feel like you do not need any more palettes, this one will surely convince you otherwise.

The Natasha Denona Sunset Palette launched on May 12th and it has been sold out ever since. What really surprises everybody is that the price of the palette is not on the cheap side. It is in fact $129 a piece and it it still sold out. This means that if you divide the price of the palette to the 15 eye shadows inside it, you get about $9 per shadow. The eye shadows are a bit bigger than normal ones, so you do get a bit more product than in other palettes.

So, you might now ask: what is so special about this palette that made it sell out so quickly? Well, to be honest the collection of colorful eye shadows is going to blow any makeup fan´s mind. It is simply hard not to fall in love with the gorgeous palette. Simply look at those shimmery golds, or the matte browns. Just imagine all of the looks that you can achieve with these eye shadows. Oh, and they are really pigmented.

It seems like now it is getting even harder to get our hands on this palette. Lets hope that Sephora will restock soon and we will get the chance to try out these magical eye shadows. It must be something really good otherwise I guess Sephora wouldn´t have run out of stock so many times, right? So, lets camp in front of Sephora until we can buy it again and hopefully get to create some wonderful looks with it.