Urban Decay’s latest product might just be what you need for Summer

Summer is all about the sun, the fun, and the beach. As for the skin, we all like it a bit tan, well, except for Koreans who have a cult of white skin and whitening products, but that’s not the topic of this post. What else do we like for our skin during Summer? That glow. For some reason, people like to have glowy skin. It makes it look healthy.

Now that you know what Summer is all about in terms of makeup, it is time to start thinking about what this latest Urban Decay release is about. Could it be a bronzer? A blush? What about a highlighter?

The latest product is in fact a finishing powder, that helps keep your makeup (aka your masterpiece) in place. Urban Decay likes to make things extra special, so it is actually a finishing powder with a twist. Its formula includes synthetic white sapphire, the ingredient that makes sure that you will have that radiant glow that we all want to achieve. The only problem is that these particles reflect light and you might end up looking like a stroboscope if you exaggerate. However, you can use this pressed powder as a highlighter instead.

Knock out shine. Keep your glow. The Illuminizer. ✨#UrbanDecay

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This post was all about this latest pressed powder by Urban Decay. However, there are a few details that I have not mentioned. One of them is quite essential: the name of the palette. It is called Naked Skin Illuminizer, and the product really lives up to its name. As for the price of this latest Urban Decay release, it is going to be $34, a price worth paying for a glowy skin. Well, it’s time to check out this latest product and finally get that radiant skin that we all wish to achieve.