A new product in Too Faced’s Peach line?

It is a fact that we are all head over heels for Too Faced’s Peach line. I mean, that peachy palette is totally to die for. The colors are amazing. They are really pigmented, but blendable at the same time. Oh, and I almost forgot to mention the really great smell. Need I say more?

Well, we are already waiting anxiously for the new peach toned palette that is going to be launched in August this year. It seems like so far away. We are literally counting down the days while refreshing Too Faced’s Instragram page for more sneak peaks. Be honest, you are doing the same.

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Jerrod Blandino likes playing games with us. Yet another puzzle on his Instagram feed. A picture, a name, some hashtags, and of course, a launch date, and a place. Sephora, August 2017, a new product. Something that has a blurring effect. What could it be? It could be a primer, maybe even a setting powder, or who knows, it can even be a fixing spray.

One of the clues says peaches and cream. If we were to think of something with a creamy consistency, it could be anything from a primer to maybe even a mattifying foundation. However, judging by the packaging, or what seems to be the packaging, I would incline more towards a setting powder. Maybe even blotting paper? What do you guys think?

It could after all be a finishing powder as Blandino recently released this picture. However, the writing says Peach Perfect instead of Peach Blur. I guess that after all, we still have to wait until August to find out more. Until then, we will have to just refresh Blandino’s Instagram feed every now and then maybe more clues will appear. And, who knows? Maybe even more products will be added to the peachy collection. Only time will tell.