A new mermaid brush set is here

We all know that this year is all about mythical creatures, especially mermaids and unicorns. We have fallen in love with unicorn brushes and many of us even have had the chance to try them out. There has also been an attempt at creating mermaid brushes, which were quite beautiful indeed, but this latest collection seems even greater.

This latest mermaid inspired brush set is called Mermaid Vibes Sirena Pro and it comes in contains 10 pieces. These beauty tools are said to make you set out of your comfort zone with the typical brushes and go a step further, to try something more magical. Make your makeup routine more interesting, more fun.

The great part about these beauty tools is that they imitate the tail of the mermaid really well. The colors are truly magical and the best part is that the brush handle even has scales. Can it get even better than that?

As for the price of the set, it is only $45, which means that the price per brush is even less than $5. What more can we ask for? In addition, these brushes are both cruelty free and vegan. I guess that the only thing else left for us to do is to try them out.

It is time to give your makeup tools a makeover and add some magical brushes to it. If you have not yet tried the unicorn brushes, and if you have not tested the other mermaid brush set, then maybe this collection will convince you to do so. After all, makeup is magic and why not make it even more magical by using some unique tools?