Tarte has a new palette in store for us

It seems like Tarte Cosmetics is on a creative roll. Just when we were starting to get excited about upcoming launch of the Tarte Clay Play Palette, the beauty brand decided to surprise us with a stick form of our favorite Amazonian Clay Foundation. Oh, but the surprises do not stop here. It seems that Tarte Cosmetics has decided to launch yet another beautiful eye shadow palette in Fall this year.

I guess that we should soon get a product launch alert for brands like Tarte. It is simply unpredictable, but in a good way. Well, not for our wallets, but then again, beauty has a price. While we still do not have any further details regarding the price of this work of art, we do have a name for it. Tarte’s latest eye shadow palette is called Tarte Tartelette Toasted Palette.

From matte shades to shimmery ones, this palette has everything you need to achieve both daytime looks and nighttime ones. They are all nude shades, which means that they are perfect for any skin tone and go well for basically any occasion. This might even end up being your next favorite eye shadow palette.

Just by looking at these 12 beautiful shades, I can think of Fall, the leaves, the pumpkin lattes, and the sweater weather. Until then, however, it is time to test out the other Tarte Cosmetics new products and wait for the other launches that the brand has planned in the near future. Also, make sure to check out the social media accounts of the brand as it might have even more surprises in store for us. Oh, if you are too busy, just take a look at Egomedia Tv, because we have you covered.