Kylie x KoKo Kollection, one to keep an eye out for

New collections, new releases, new reasons to be excited. Of course, we get even more excited when there is an upcoming collection signed Kylie Cosmetics. I mean, let’s be honest. We all love the Kylie Lip Kit and most of us have even tried other products of hers. Oh, not to mention the fast rate at which they sell. Somehow, they are sold out within hours, or even minutes after they launch. Just imagine the number of people who wait to buy them the exact day of the launch.

the Koko Kit face palette launches 5/31 at 3pm pst ⭐️

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The brand new Koko Kollection includes a face palette and of course, lip products. The face palette features a bronzer, a blush, and two highlighters. I do believe, however, that you can use the highlighter shades as eye shadows because the colors are simply to die for. Oh, and the blush is amazing. As for the bronzer, if there is one thing that the Kardashians are famous for is their iconic contour. Hopefully, this palette will help you achieve that flawless bronzed look.

in love with the koko ⭐️

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So, there is basically one more question that you all probably have in mind. When can we get our hands on these new collection, or should I say Kollection? It is time to start the countdown, because there are only a few days left until the grand launch. Mark your calendars for May 31st, set your alarms for 3pm PT and until then, impatiently refresh the site. You can also just refresh the social media feeds of the Kardashians and wait for more details. Who knows, maybe even more releases and sneak peaks will appear. These sisters are simply unpredictable.