Benefit joins the Wonder Woman craze

With the Wonder Woman movie just around the corner, makeup brands keep launching new collections featuring our favorite heroine. So far we have seen makeup bags, brushes, and other beauty products inspired by Wonder Woman. However, brands such as Benefit Cosmetics want to show us that we have not quite seen everything. It has currently revamped its bestsellers in order to honor the beloved heroine.

This kit is available for purchase on the HSN website. As for what it contains, I guess you are already familiar with the products, since they are cult favorites. The products are: They’re Real! mascara, High Beam liquid highlighter,  Benetint lip & cheek stain, and They’re Real! Double The Lip dual lipstick and liner. The shade of the Benetint lip and cheek stain is Revved Up Red. The surprises do not stop here as these bestsellers come in a Wonder Woman makeup bag that has a Wonder Woman logo and the words “Love Truth Beauty” above it.

Den perfekte søndags combo: pizza og smukke vipper 🍕💕

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As for the price of this latest collaboration, it is quite convenient. All five products from the kit are just $49 if you buy the whole set. If you decide to buy the cult favorites on their own, the total price will be around $100 and you do not even get the case. I guess this is a deal that you should not miss. After all, you get everything at half price. Oh, and you also end up looking amazing.