Lorac creates a Beauty and the Beast collection

Remember how L’oreal created that wonderful collection inspired by Beauty and the Beast? Well, it was incredible, but unfortunately, many of us had a hard time getting our hands on those pretty makeup products as they were only sold in Italy.

Fortunately, another brand has decided to join the club and create a Beauty and the Beast collection, and this time we are talking about Lorac. This latest collaboration, as to say so, is limited edition, and of course it is one that you should have in your makeup collection.

So what products are in this collection? Well, there is a beautiful eye shadow palette that has 16 shades in it, a cheek palette, and both a lip gloss and a lipstick collection. They all look incredible, and of course, the rose from the Beauty and the Beast is an element that is present in all of the products.

Even though it seemed like there would be no makeup collection inspired by the movie Beauty and the Beast, luckily for us, Lorac stepped in just in time. Despite the fact that L’oreal also had a wonderful collection, at least this one is available for purchase in more than one country.

The Lorac collection is already available in stores, but I guess you should hurry up to get your hands on these beautiful products. Why? Because they are limited edition. Oh, and with their beauty, if you do not hurry, you might just not find them after all.