BECCA’s Liquid Crystal Glow Glosses are incredible

Lipsticks and lip glosses always complete a look. They are easy to apply and can definitely make or break a look. They are indispensable to any makeup and somehow, we never seem to have enough of them. This is why, no matter how many lip products you already own, these new Becca Liquid Crystal Glow Glosses could be a great addition to your makeup collection.

Take your #BECCAGlow to the next level with the shade-shifting, metamorphic finish of our NEW Light Chaser Highlighters. Then add a holographic kiss of colour and dimension with the kaleidoscopic-pearls found in our NEW Liquid Crystal Glow Glosses! Available in six shades each in early June exclusively @Sephora and 🌈💫 #BECCALightChaser #BECCAGlowGloss Light Chaser shades: Light Chaser Highlighter for Face & Eye in Pearl Flashes Gold, Rose Quartz Flashes Seashell, Champagne Dream Flashes Bellini, Opal Flashes Jade, Amethyst Flashes Geode and Topaz Flashes Gilt. Glow Gloss shades: Liquid Crystal Lip Topper Glow Gloss in Pearl X Gold, Rose Quartz X Seashell, Champagne Dream X Belini, Opal X Jade, Amethyst X Geode and Topaz X Gilt.

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What is so special about these liquid glosses? Well, do you remember how one of this year’s beauty trends is about holographic looks? Oh, and I almost forgot to mention glitter, but I guess that you already know about that. The great news is that these lip glosses are a combination of both trends.

If Becca Cosmetics would ever create a lip highlighter, this lip product would probably be it. According to the brand’s latest Instagram posts, the Liquid Crystal Glow Glosses contain light reflecting pearls as one of the ingredients, which have the effect of looking multi-dimensional. It is like an over the top glossy look. And since glossy looks are in, why not go all the way?

The Liquid Crystal Glow Glosses come in six shades and the swatches are simply to die for. Even though when you look at the tube the product seems to have a glittery aspect, when you swatch it, it leaves a wet look.

Another great thing about these lip glosses is that they can be worn by people with different types of skin tones. Finally! Oh, also, keep your eyes on Becca Cosmetics, because they are launching this week. It is definitely a collection that you do not want to miss. It might just be the thing that your lips need in order to look awesome.