A shark soap by Lush?

You know how most people is afraid of sharks? Well, Lush has decided to embrace them in an attempt to raise awareness for them. The famous brand has decided to support the World Oceans Day which is celebrated on June 8th. How? Well, the answer is simple: by releasing once again, the Shark Fin Soap, which is limited edition.

You know how we all make excuses for buying cosmetics, beauty products and so on? Well, there is some great news. The Shark Fin Soap, which retails for only $6, has a great cause behind it. More exactly, all of the profits from the sales of the soap will go to the finishing of the documentary: Sharkwater: Extinction.Β While filming this piece, the Canadian filmmaker passed away due to a scuba diving incident and so, the film was never finished.

As mentioned before, the soap also raises awareness for sharks. To be more precise, each year, more than 100 million sharks are killed. Why? Their fins are used to make soup. I guess that sacrifice of sharks is a big price to pay for a tasty meal.

So, Β I guess that by now you got an idea about the cause that the soap supports. It is time to talk about what benefits the Shark Fin Soap brings to your skin. Among the ingredients which are used to make it, we can find: seaweed (hydrating properties), fine sea salt ( for exfoliation), and lime oil (cooling effect). In addition, the smell will teleport you to the beach. Isn’t that wonderful?

Oh, and I almost forgot about the awesome shape of the soap, which reminds me that I should head out and go see if it is still on stock.