Finally, Unicorn nail polishes exist!

If you are as obsessed about unicorns as I am, you probably have a collection of unicorn memorabilia. If you happen to also like makeup and beauty products, then you have an even bigger problem, why? Because a new unicorn inspired product is out there waiting for you.

Unicorn highlighter, unicorn palette, unicorn brushes, unicorn everything. However, there was just this one thing that we seem to have not found. Well, at least until now. I am talking about unicorn nail polish. After all, if you want to go full unicorn, you can’t just leave your nails out of the equation, right?

You should stop searching, because we have found unicorn nail polish. Were? In Lisa Frank’s latest makeup collection. Yes, it is actually happening, the unicorn collection is one step away from completion. Well, it is not ever going to feel complete, but still.

Just by looking at the adorable packaging, I know that I want these nail polishes in my makeup collection. I mean, can it get any cuter that this? I guess not. Just look at the caps of the polishes. They look like unicorn horns and are colored in the colors of the rainbow. Simply awesome.

Happy Friday! 🌈✨🦄 #LisaFrank @space.ram

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Remember how glitter and holographic effects are in trend this year? Well, these nail polishes have the perfect combination of both. Oh, and did I mention the unicorns drawn on them? I guess they were made for unicorn lovers.

As for the price of these products, the three nail polishes retail for $18 for the whole set. But then again, sparkly nails are the way to go. I mean, you can’t really go wrong by choosing something inspired by the mythical creature, right?