ELF cosmetics releases a magnetic mask

The mask industry is evolving every day. From sheet masks to bubble masks, to who knows what next, the creativity is endless. Elf Cosmetics decided to surprise us with its latest innovation: a magnetic mask.

How does this thing work? Well, this product is a clarifying face mask, which after you apply it, you put a tissue over the magnet that comes with it and it will attract the mask. The Beauty Shield Magnetic Mask Kit from Elf is composed of two pieces: the mask itself and a dual sided magnet.

What are the main benefits of this mask? To be honest, there are quite a few. Among the ingredients we can find some which are rich in antioxidants such as carrot seed oil, and argan oil, along with some other glow inducing vitamins. The main aim of the mask is to resurface the skin and minimize pores.

As for the magnetic tool, it is quite interesting to use. One side can be used to spread the mask on your face, while the other, can be used to lift the magnetic mask off of your face. It is quite an interesting thing.

As for the price of the mask, it is quite affordable and it retails for $24. Just so you can have an idea of the product that it is a dupe for, you will pay about a 10th of the price. Lancer’s Young Revealing Mask Intense is similar to ELF’s product, but at a higher price, $250. I guess that all that we have left to do is test out ELF’s latest release in order to see whether it lives up to our expectations or not.