Too Faced’s Melted Powder Blushes are stunning

Too Faced is amazing us with each and every new product that it releases. I for one am very excited about the Peach collection. One of its latest innovations is the Peaches & Cream Melted Powder Blush and to be honest, I really want to try it out.

Even though we will have to wait for a while to get our hands on these blushes, due to the fact that they will be released late this summer, some sneak peeks calm our “thirst”, well, at least for now I guess. What I do know for sure is the fact that these blushes will be available for purchase in Sephora, as they are part of the exclusive Too Faced Peaches & Cream Collection.

Too Faced’s founder, Blandino, offers some details about these blushes that might make them game changers. According to him, these “melted powder blushes” are something that you have never seen before. As it seems, the powder texture becomes creamy, which makes it easier to blend. In addition, the product has 3D pigments which make the colors pop.

It seems like this new blush from Too Faced might just be a game changer. I guess the only thing that we have left to do is wait until the end of summer to try it out ourself. Until then, we can start a countdown and refresh Blandino’s Instagram feed as he always has some surprises in store for us.