Maybelline is joining the Wonder Woman craze

The Wonder Woman movie has finally been released and many of us have even seen the movie. If you are a fan of this powerful, and beautiful heroine, and you also happen to be a fan of beauty, and makeup, then you probably have a few of the products inspired by the heroine. However, once you start collecting these beauty products, it is hard to stop.

Maybelline has decided to join the club of the brands that have released Wonder Woman makeup collection, and for some reason, I want to collect them all. It is probably because deep down inside I Β want to be like her: strong and beautiful. I believe that the makeup inspired by her will somehow give me the confidence that she has. I can be my own superhero, right?

The news is great, however, with most great things there is a catch. Unfortunately, this collection is going to be available for purchase only in Italy. But then again, it is summer, and if you have nothing planned, you can always pay Rome or any other city a visit. Go explore the city and come back with wonderful makeup. It seems ideal right? Well, I still have some hopes that the collection will somehow land on Ebay. I keep my fingers crossed and hope for the best. I guess you should too. And if you happen to go to Italy, don’t forget your friends from Ego Soleil.