Fidget spinners with a beauty twist

You see them everywhere: on the streets, in the subway, in class, at work. Fidget spinners have slowly conquered the world and they are spreading fast. They might help you concentrate and they definitely are a fun thing to have around. Spin and relax. If you also happen to be a fan of beauty products, then this product might be a game changer.

What could it be? It is time to get really excited, because lip balms are joining the fidget spinner trend, or the fidget spinners are slowly conquering the beauty world. Either way, if you like fidget spinners, and lip balms, you will definitely love this product. It helps you stay concentrated, while keeping your lips hydrated. What can be better?

The Glam Spin, is the name of this latest product. It has three different lip balm flavors, which is pretty great, because you can mix and match. The flavors are: strawberry, grape, and peach. What more can you ask for? In addition, it helps you save space in your bag. Just imagine having to carry 3 lip balms and one fidget spinner. Too much space.

You now know the name of the product, and as for the price of it, it is only  $10. I find it to be quite reasonable, given the fact that it has not one, but three lip balms and a fidget spinner. Oh, and did I mention the fact that the shipping is free? I guess I will just have to order mine right away to see what this hype is all about.