A new tattoo trend is here

Somehow, sometime in our lives the idea of getting inked has passed through our minds. It could have been that time in our childhood when we put on sticker tattoos trying to look cool, or that time when we got those flashy festival tattoos that looked amazing. Maybe some of you already have a tattoo, one that you love, or one about which you ask yourself: what was in my mind?

If you are looking to get a tattoo, regardless of whether you already have one or more, or you want to get your first one, this latest trend might surprise you. Remember how helix tattoos are really popular this year? Well, if they have not yet convinced you to get inked, maybe armpit tattoos will draw your attention.

Yes, you have heard me right, armpit tattoos are in and to be honest, they look amazing. They might sound a bit strange and maybe slightly more painful than in other regions, but they somehow seem to look beautiful.

Even though I for one might not be getting an armpit tattoo anytime soon, I did however see some beautiful floral patterns that look simply stunning. Who knows? I might even change my mind. What about you guys? Do you already have tattoos? What do you think about this latest tattoo trend? Would you get an armpit tattoo or do you find it totally repelling?