A new beauty blender is out there

Everybody has heard about beauty blenders and most of us even own one or more of these beauty tools. They are great for applying foundation and other creamy or liquid products and they are excellent for blending various products on your face. I mean, if you have tried a beauty blender, you already know what I am talking about.

The classic beauty blender is hot pink, but other versions in other colors such as orange, and black have appeared. If you want to collect them all, or simply want a unique beauty blender, you will be really excited to hear about this latest addition to the beauty blender world. I am talking about this new pink and white swirl design that our favorite beauty tool is receiving.

The product is limited edition, and almost too pretty to get it dirty. It will be available starting from July 8th on Sephora’s official website. This means that there are only a few days left until we can finally get our hands on this pretty tool. I am really excited, because my last one started to wear off. However, it will be a bit hard to keep this one clean all the time, but I am willing to accept the challenge. Are you?