A new mermaid inspired mascara by Urban Decay?

It is already known for a fact that mermaids are in. From mermaid hair, to mermaid brushes, to mermaid palettes, to mermaid everything, mermaids are quickly conquering the makeup world along with other mythical creatures such as the unicorns.

Urban Decay has been surprising us with many great releases this summer, and in addition it has decided to also embrace the mermaid trend. How? By creating a product that no other brand has decided to give a mermaid twist to: a mascara inspired by it.

Unfortunately all that we know so far about this mascara is this picture above. To be honest, the packaging itself has stolen my heart and got me even more excited about the product. As you can see, it is already creating trouble for me and I haven’t even got my hands on it. Imagine what it can do to your lashes.

Well, until we have more details about this mascara, I guess we will have to patiently refresh social media for new clues and who knows? Maybe soon we will get some more information. If I were to guess though, I think that in fall we will be able to see the product on the market. What do you guys think?