The perfect palette exists

You should already know by now: both unicorns and mermaids are totally in. You, like probably  most of us, already own a few beauty products inspired by these two magical creatures. However, up until now, there was no product that put the two together.

Now it is time to see the great confrontation between our two favorite mythical creatures: mermaids vs unicorns, in this latest beauty product: Tooth & Nail Cosmetics’ Unicorns vs. Mermaids Palette.

I guess that it is time to start betting. Which one do you think will win: is it mermaids or unicorns? I for one do not really know what to say. I think there might even be a match. The final result, however, is truly magical.

It is true that the colors are a bit hard to incorporate in your daily makeup look, but then again, these creatures are anything but ordinary.  Try to guess which shades are inspired by mermaids and which are inspired by unicorns.

If you guessed that the top row belongs to mermaids and the bottom one to unicorns, then you are right. The shimmery shades also have magical names: Poseidon Issues, Plenty O’Finboys, Ursula Complex, Magical AF, Holocron, and Non-Believer. The only thing left to do now, is to actually try them out.