Kat von D’s latest eye shadow brush is what we all need

No matter how many brushes we have, we always seem to buy more. Whether they are face brushes or eye shadow brushes, we never seem to have found the one. We keep buying and buying, hoping that this next one will finally be the one. Well, look no further, because Kat von D has managed to create this brush that is simply perfect.

What does this brush do? What is so special about it that makes it “beat” the other ones. Well, you know how we all like to put some glitter on once in a while. I know it’s in fact almost every day, every night, or every weekend, but you get the point. You know how for some reason, you end up with the glitter all over your face. To be honest, that really sucks. Well, Kat von D knows the struggle and has released this innovative makeup brush, called the Glimmer Effect Eye Brush, which is said to help us with this problem.

This beauty tool is specially designed to pick up and evenly spread glittery eye shadow, while reducing fallouts at the same time. As for the price of the brush, it is 24$ and has reached the stores today. So, if you like your eye makeup shiny, then I guess you should head out and get this brush before they are all sold out.