Lorac is releasing not one, but three palettes

It is time to get really really excited, because Lorac is releasing not one, but three eye shadow palettes this Friday at Ulta. Summer is here, and of course, it is time to renew your makeup collection. Well, if you do not want to totally renew it, you can always make it grow, by adding one or all of these beautiful eyeshadow palettes inspired by beautiful sunsets from all over the world.

What are the names of the palettes? As you have probably guessed, they all include the word “sunset” and are the following: Mountain Sunset, Desert Sunset, and Ocean Sunset. As for their prices, they are $42 each, but the beautiful and pigmented shadows are totally worth every penny as they will make you look incredible.

The three palettes, each have 10 shades, and include both shimmery and matte shades. This means that you can achieve both neutral, daily looks, or go bolder and use the shades for nighttime, parties, and of course when you feel like going a bit extra.

I guess that there is not much time left to wait to see these beauties in store. I am already counting down the hours. I hope that they do not disappoint. Knowing Lorac, they will surely live up to their expectations.