Kat von D to be releasing brow products?

Did you just read the title right? Read it again. Oh, so this thing might just be happening. Release after release, Kat von D is making our jaws drop even more. From brushes that are glitter spill proof to new brow products, our  hearts always want more.

For now, Kat von D has decided to tease us a bit, and to fuel our curiosity even more. The beauty icon has recently posted a photo on her Instagram account, hinting at a new brow product.

Kat von D gave us a playful warning for her latest products: “People better get ready to change their brow world!”. For the moment we can only guess that there will be three different products as we can see three different names on her sketches. As for what the products will look like, there is still no clue. I guess that there could be a brow kit, a powder product, maybe a pencil. However, with Kat von D, you never really know what she has in store.

All we can do for now is to keep refreshing Kat von D’s social media pages until more clues appear. Until then, all we have left is to pitch in our best guesses, and who knows? We might even have the right answer after all.