A Snow White palette is a dream come true

Everybody has read or heard a fairytale at least once in their lifetime. Every girl has dreamed of the perfect fairytale, where prince charming comes and sweeps her off her feet. It is almost impossible not to have heard of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. The happily ever after story is so magical, that we sometimes dream of being Snow White.

Well, even though we tend to deny it, fairytales are not real. I mean, something similar could always happen, but no matter how hard we try we can only get close to the real deal. However, there is no reason to panic. Why? Well, you too can have your own fairytale by using this makeup palette by Besame Cosmetics, inspired by no other than Snow White.

The Besame Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs Eye Shadow Palette has 20 beautiful shades, which will make all of your dreams come true. Well, at least your makeup dreams. As for the price and the release date of the product, there are no certain details for the moment. I guess that we will have to wait. Who knows? Maybe prince charming will appear with the products and we will have the full story.