You won’t believe what the latest nail trend is…

Some people like their nails clean, with no nail polish on them. Others, like to go extreme: fake nails, applying ย things on them, going big. When you thought that you had seen it all, a new nail trend appears. Yes, I am talking about led light disco nails. You might ask yourself. Did I read that right? Well… It is finally happening whether you like it or not.

Many of you might probably be asking yourselves whether Christmas is sooner than you thought. It could be. But one thing is for certain: you whether love this latest nail trend, or you hate it. There is no in between. Led disco nails might just slowly be taking over the nail art world before you know it.

The trend started in South Korea and it is known for a fact that Koreans really know their beauty trends and products. So, do not be surprised if yyou start seeing people with led nails soon.

I guess that this nail trend could be wearable. I mean, for festivals at least. They look cool. However, I do not know what to say about these nails during daytime. They might just be a bit too much, at least for me. What do you guys think about them? Would you wear them?