A new mermaid palette?

Mermaids, mermaids, beautiful sea creatures that enchant us more and more. We love them so much that we want to steal some of their magic. We want to look as great as they do. It is quite impossible for us to transform into them anytime soon, but a bit of make-up here and there might just do the trick.

As you probably already know, this year, more than any other year, mermaids are totally in. Mermaid products are everywhere. From mermaid brushes, to eyeshadow palettes, not to mention mermaid hair, the world is filled with mermaids. We never seem to get enough, so imagine the excitement when hearing about this new mermaid inspired collection.

Wait a second. Did you read it right? Yes, Bitter Lace Beauty has a mermaid inspired make-up collection and you will want to have it asap. The collection includes 11 individual shades, along with a refillable compact, and a palette. The colors are simply magical and will take your make-up to the next level.

I guess that there is only one way to find out whether these products are totally worth the hype: to try them out. Until then, all that we can do is to daydream while looking at the swatches.